Madi White is a singer- songwriter from northern Colorado. A bright young artist in the country music scene, Madi’s music is pure blend of pop, country and a little sass. In 2012 Madi began working with Nashville writers  culminating in the recording of her debut album Once In A Lifetime.

Once In A Lifetime, slated for a fall 2013 release, was produced at Omni studios and CTM studios in Nashville TN. The albums 11 tracks range from longing ballads to upbeat love songs. From the first track to the last it’s clear that Madi’s music is full of powerful lyrics and rich textures that are a fresh throw back to the music of Carol King and Sheryl Crow.

Armed with great songs like “Sick of Love” and “Brighter Days”, Madi’s live show takes her music to the next level. Filled with fun, attitude and the occasional sing- along, Madi’s stage presence rounds out the complete package. The world is looking for someone like Madi White, and she’s ready to take it all on.



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